Maintaining Your Napleton's Volkswagen of Orlando Atlas

Your new Volkswagen Atlas is one of the new breed of SUVs on the street. Able to accommodate up to seven passengers in three rows, it even has some off-road credentials to boast of! But as able as it is, it still needs regular upkeep according to service schedules designed by Volkswagen.

As such, Volkswagen has compiled a service schedule that monitors the state of critical parts on your Atlas. Divided into 10,000 mile intervals, by following this relatively simple schedule, you will be able to enjoy years and years of service from your Volkswagen Atlas.

10,000 miles: At the first interval of your Volkswagen Atlas service schedule, your VW service mechanic will perform an oil and oil filter change to make sure that the internal parts are well lubricated. Your Atlas likely rolled off the assembly line with conventional motor oil, but for long life with minimal thermal breakdown, we suggest a change to a high-performance synthetic motor oil. If you subject your Atlas to heavy highway mileage, or up and down mountainous terrain, you might consider changing your oil and filter sooner than this 10k interval.

At the same service, it's a good time to check the exterior lighting, the tire pressure, and the perfect time to rotate the tires according to the diagrams in your VW Atlas. This will help to ensure even tire wear at all four corners of your new SUV.

20,000 Miles: At 20,000 miles your Volkswagen Atlas will be ready for another round of the tasks performed at the 10,000 mile mark. Those include oil and filter changes, along with tire rotation and other checks. But this time we go a little further.

Your Napleton Volkswagen of Orlando mechanic will also drain and replace the transmission fluid as well as change the transmission fluid filter. It's also a good time to perform the Honest Abe penny test, to make sure a sufficient amount of tire tread remains. You can perform it yourself, and it will only cost you one cent! Take a Lincoln head penny and place it head down into the tire tread. If you can see anything above his head, it's time for a tire change. If his head gets buried in the tread, you have plenty of miles to go further.

A brake pad inspection is a good idea at this point as well. With brake pads being some of the most critical equipment on your Atlas, it's always a good idea to see how much braking material remains and what the condition of the brake rotors are. While at this, it's always a convenient time to inspect coolant and other fluids, and to examine the integrity of the exhaust system.

40,000 Miles: Once more, it's time to change the Oil and Oil filter with conventional or synthetic oil and a fresh oil filter. But at this 40,000 mile point, your Napleton Volkswagen of Orlando service mechanic will suggest it's time for new tires all the way around. He'll also recommend a replacement of the engine air filter and the dust and pollen filter for pure in-cabin airflow. Finally, at this mileage interval, it is a good idea to inspect all major performance systems and components.

Intervals will continue every 10,000 miles to 50,000, 60,000 and beyond. Keep following the service schedules as your Volkswagen Atlas continues to perform. Your continued vigilance will keep your Atlas rolling for years to come. Consult your VW owner's manual for more information, and when in doubt, please contact your Napleton Volkswagen of Orlando service advisor and mechanic. They will be able to provide all the vehicle parts and services you need for the continued long life of your Volkswagen Atlas.

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