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Edward W. Napleton, opened his first automotive business in 1931 on Chicago's South Side. With a $700 loan, a strong work ethic and a belief in common courtesy, he opened the Napleton Buick Service Station. Francis Napleton, Edward's son, was by his side to help foster the growth of the young business in its early years.

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Napleton's first dealership was a DeSoto franchise, and when that brand was discontinued with little warning, Napleton quickly aligned itself with another Chrysler nameplate, Plymouth, eventually being awarded several additional franchises. Edward and Francis both believed in hard work and exceptional customer service, values that they passed down to the next generation of Napletons. Five of Francis' eight children have worked in the auto business their entire lives.

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Edward F. (Ed) Napleton, Francis' son, is a third-generation auto dealer. He began his career as a kid sweeping the floors at the dealership owned by his father and grandfather. He moved up the ranks, serving as a technician, then in sales and finance, and eventually as a general manager. At just 23 years of age, Ed Napleton became the youngest car dealer in the United States when he was awarded a Pontiac dealership in Blue Island, Illinois.

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Common courtesy is the simple philosophy of treating the customer the way we'd want to be treated," said Bill Napleton of his family's success in the car business. "This is something that my grandfather, Ed, and my father, Fran, had instilled into my brothers and I as we grew up working in our family's business. My Grandpa Ed knew that if you treat people right, offer them more for their money and give them great service, they'd come back. And you know what? Eighty-six years later, he was right.
Today the Napleton Family operates more than 83 dealerships in six states. Taking pride in helping each community they live and work in, the Napleton Family name has become synonymous with excellence and teamwork. What started as a small family-owned business has blossomed into one of the most forward-thinking dealership groups in the country.

Ed's business has grown to include 74 franchises - housed in 46 different locations - in six states. He owns domestic, import and high line franchises, and employs more than 3000 people throughout Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia and Wisconsin. Four of Ed Napleton's five children have proudly joined him in pursuing the family business and have a hand in the company's day-to-day operations.

Edward Napleton

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Edward Napleton
Edward Napleton is the president of Ed Napleton Automotive. As a third-generation car dealer, Edward Napleton has worked in positions throughout the family business, even mopping floors as a young boy. Mr. Napleton understands the importance and value of teamwork, as can be seen in our customer satisfaction ratings. Working as a team, Napleton employees have been able to keep our customers happy since 1931.  Edward Napleton like every generation before and after him has taken every opportunity to learn about his customers and how to make them happier.  Edward Napleton, his Son Eddie Napleton and his three siblings have focused recently on making a more enjoyable buying experience for the customers of the group.  Utilizing new technologies and analytics, the Napleton Group is doing all they can to give the customers a seamless shopping experience.

Eddie Napleton

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Eddie Napleton
Eddie Napleton, is one of 4 of Edward Napleton's children that work in the automotive industry. Eddie Napleton  has learned many different positions within the automotive industry throughout his career. As each generation brings in new ideas to better serve our customers, the same values Napleton was built on, continue to be the focus. Outside of the auto industry, Eddie enjoys Golf and most other sports. Eddie Napleton took every opportunity to learn from his father about treating the customers right, which has been passed down since 1931. Eddie Napleton has been involved with learning as much as he can about every brand including Volkswagen. Being familiar with every market including Orlando, from Eddie's time spent in West Palm Beach also helps the family understand each market. With Eddie's experience in the Automotive industry and growing up with technology, he is able to help move the company forward with technology and easier shopping experiences.

Edward Napleton Auto Group

As of 2018, the group has grown to include:

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