Discover  Luxury Inside Of a 2017 Volkswagen Touareg For Sale Near Orlando | Replaced by the Volkswagen Atlas in the US

Welcome to our Volkswagen Touareg page!! This very popular model was replaced by the Atlas in the US. Feel encouraged to check out our pages on the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport, or feel free to keep reading. Are you looking for a SUV, packed with more room, and adventure? Do you wish you had an SUV that was built for the rugged outdoors, but could handle the toughest roads? If you could save big on a brand new luxury SUV, would you?

How would you like it if you could get 5 times the space and comfort you would normally get in a SUV? Plus,an outstanding highway MPG that helps you save huge at the fuel pump.

Right now. You can get an new 2017 Volkswagen Touareg luxury SUV with all the room and comfort you never knew you needed. - And you don't have to wait.

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Volkswagen Touareg Performance And Road Handling

If you're an adventure seeker, or someone who loves to travel, chances are, you want an engine that is tough on or off the road. When you get a 2017 Volkswagen Touareg, you get a vigorous 3.6 L FSI V6 Engine that pushes out 280-horsepower and 266 pound feet of torque.  Its responsive 8-speed automatic transmission with a manual Tiptronic and SportModes gives you the best of both worlds.

 At any second, you could take command and shift your way to your destination.  Matching its strength, comes its reliability. The 2017 Volkswagen Touareg can haul more than 7,000 pounds.  Sounds pretty tough.

If that's not enough, take your adventure to the next level with 4Motion All-Wheel Drive. Touareg will give you double the traction for double the action, in one SUV.

Equipped with a sophisticated steering system, and suspension, the Volkswagen Touareg performs with complete utter control.  This is the smoothest and most comfortable drive you will ever experience in a SUV.

Volkswagen Touareg Interior Features

The Volkswagen Touareg's interior is everything luxury should be:  8-way power adjustable heated leather seats,   a self-dimming rearview mirror, fully upholstered luggage compartments, a heated leather wrapped steering wheel, chrome accents, and dual front and rear cup holders, and fully upholstered storage units.

A spacious 103.6 cubic feet cabin space, plus  32.1 cubic feet of cargo space, filled with  60/40 split folding rear seats, Climatronic Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control,  power windows with  one touch feature,  and  power safety locks- that's more standard features than  luxury offers at  twice the price.  

And that just the beginning!! The 2017 Volkswagen Touareg also comes loaded with comprehensive suite of advanced technology that you control -by touch or by voice- to enhance your driving experience.  Inside of the 2017 Volkswagen
Touareg you will find:
  • Hands-free Bluetooth Technology to stay fully connected to all of your  favorite music, mobile apps, text-messages, maps, and more
  • High Definition Rear View Camera System to help you pull into tight  park spaces
  • An 8-inch RNS Premium  touchscreen navigation, with 3D landmarks, and 60 GB hard drive
  • High Quality AM/FM/MP3/Sirius stereo system with 8-speakers
  •  Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Keyless Push Start Ignition

Volkswagen Touareg Safety and Security Features

With one goal in mind, the 2017 Volkswagen Touareg comes standard with the latest, most advanced, safety and security features:
  • High Strength Crash Optimized Front End maximizes crash protection in the event of an accident
  • Advanced Air  Bag System  provides an additional level of protection in the event of an accident
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) delivers maximum control whenever braking around obstacles
  • Anti-Slip Regulation(ASR) prevents wheels from losing traction
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) enhances steering capabilities
  • Electric Differential Lock (EDL) prevents wheel spin on wet or slippery surfaces
  • Electronic Brake Assist enhances braking power in the event of an emergency
  • Electronic Brake Pressure Distribution provides brake power where you need it most
  • Hill Descent Assist enables smooth and controlled hilled descent in rough terrain
  • Hydraulic Brake Assist enhances braking power in the event of an emergency
  • Rollover Sensor System helps you keep all four wheels on the ground
  • Brake Override System helps you stop whenever your feet are on the gas and the brake
  • LATCH Child Seat Anchor
  • Anti-Theft Alarm System  with Immobilizer Theft Deterrent System  prevents invalid keys from starting  your vehicle
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