Have you ever examined the ins and outs of the car buying process? Essentially, consumers are faced with two options - buying or leasing. While there are benefits and drawbacks to each, we are going to investigate how each process works to assist you during the research phase.

For starters, let's say that you are most familiar with the process of buying a car. In short, you are paying to own that vehicle so you become responsible for the sticker price sales tax, among other fees associated with the dealership. In return, the car or SUV is yours to use how you see fit.

The process of buying a car in Orlando has become so simple and straightforward that so many consumers don't even consider the alternative of leasing. But that trend is starting to shift.

Many consumers are flocking to the concept of leasing a Volkswagen car or SUV for a variety of reasons. The most common of which are the short- and long-term financial benefits. When it comes down to it, a car is an asset that depreciates over time. By choosing to lease, you are agreeing to a lower down payment, lower monthly payment, and routine maintenance included.

While this seems nice, it's important to remember that car leasing is essentially a long-term car rental. You are responsible for returning that vehicle at the end of the leasing period, which is typically between 24-36 months. For some people, this bit of knowledge can be a game changer, but we think it's silly to not consider all of the benefits associated with leasing.

Similar to buying a car, there are upfront costs associated with a new lease term. These fees include down payment, first monthly payment, tax, security deposit, registration fee, and acquisition fee. While it would be great to escape from these upfront costs, it's simply part of the agreement made between dealerships and consumers.

If you ultimately decide that you are going to lease, you have options at the end of the term. If you really like the Volkswagen you've driven, you can purchase it.

Think of it as getting the chance to test out the car for three years before making the commitment to buy it. If you are ready for a new vehicle, turn it in and get an updated model with a new term.

In summary, the analogy of owning vs renting property is spot on when it comes to buying vs leasing a vehicle. If you want to pay less money and have increased flexibility, get a car lease. If it is more important to you to own a vehicle, then buying is the way to go. Remember, though. All cars are depreciating assets.

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