More often than not, you will be ready to turn your car in once the lease is over. But did you know that you have the choice to hold onto the vehicle you've come to love?

An oft overlooked part of the car lease process is electing to buy that very same vehicle. If after three years you have come to love it, the next logical step is to make it your own. A lot of people are surprised to learn that this is an option, but not you. Not anymore.

Beyond its sentimental value, here are five benefits to purchasing your Volkswagen after the lease period has come to an end.

1) Eliminate the headaches that come with researching your next vehicle

Researching the next vehicle you want to get can lead to a lot of stress. You have to compare brands, models, technology features, and safety features. Once you've narrowed down your selection, you then have to find a dealership that has the specific model that is within your budget.

When you start to think about it, the tasks start adding up. Rather than go down the long road of research once again, you can buy your ride and save yourself the trouble of worrying.

2) Your car still feels and drives like new

Think back to the day you signed your car lease in Orlando and the conversation you had with the salesman. Part of the deal was to make sure that you kept the vehicle in great working condition because after all, you were only borrowing it.

In order for the dealership to be able to sell it to the next buyer, you were tasked with keeping it running smoothly and free of damage, so you should hold onto it.

If your Volkswagen still drives like new, there is no need to spend time searching for something that you already have.

3) The price to buy is less than market value

As your lease is coming to an end, it is in your best interest to reference a trusted third-party market evaluator such as Kelley Blue Book or Edmund's to determine your vehicle's value.

You might be surprised to learn that the price to purchase the vehicle is less than market value. If this is true in your case, bring evidence of your research to the dealership and use it as a negotiating tactic to purchase the vehicle at an affordable price point.

4) Say good riddance to the seemingly endless amount of fees associated with leases

Remember all the fees included as part of your lease? To name a few, you agreed to a documents fee, acquisition fee, taxes, and security deposit. Rather than pay all of these extras once again on a new lease, say goodbye to all of them by choosing to buy your car once the lease has expired.

Furthermore, some lease warranties do not include full protection for all repairs so if you end up in an accident, you might get sacked with even more fees from the dealership.

5) Graduate to ownership and take control of your asset

Leasing your vehicle has offered you the opportunity to get to know your vehicle with limited financial risk. While this was nice, you were restricted in the ways of how you can use your vehicle.

For example, if you wanted to take a road trip to get away from Orlando for a week but already logged a lot of miles, you might get hit with mileage overage fees.

Take control of your life and your decisions by graduating to ownership. Buy your vehicle so you can take it wherever you please without having to abide by someone else's rules.


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