When you take a look at the used vehicle inventory at any dealership, the first things that comes to mind is buying. It never even occurs to most people that leasing a certified pre-owned Volkswagen is an option.

Choosing to do so has its benefits and drawbacks. In the end, it's your money and your decision. But we are prepared to equip you with a list of pros and cons to help you in your quest to get the best deal possible on your next car.


• Leasing a certified pre-owned Volkswagen comes with an even lower monthly payment. When you couple the fact that you aren't buying the car and it's an older model, your savings are amplified.

• If you get a used car during a lease swap, that means your term can be even shorter than the traditional 36-month period associated with other leases.

• Leasing a used model comes with less risk because you can consider this as a test phase to see if you are driving the right model. Whether you like the car or not, time is your side.

• You can upgrade your lease once the term is over without going through the hassle of selling the vehicle.

• Leasing gives you this freedom from higher payments for longer periods of time. By entering into a used lease, you know you are getting a lower payment for a shorter time, and more flexibility.

• Greater chance of getting approved for consumers with less than perfect credit and it's a perfect opportunity to start improving your score.


• Instead of owning the vehicle you are essentially only paying to borrow it. However, you still have the option to purchase at any point in your lease.

• Even used car leases come with mileage limit restrictions which typically equate to 10,000 miles per year. You can always ask about paying for additional miles before you sign the contract.

• While the dealership will do everything they can to make the car look as new as possible, there is still normal wear and tear associated with all used vehicles.

• The warranties included on used car leases often include language that protection is only guaranteed for only a certain part of the lease.

• The value of used vehicles is unpredictable compared to their newer counterparts. It will be more difficult to forecast the value at the end of your lease period.

•  Even though you can lease a used car with imperfect credit, the best money factor rates are reserved for customers with above average scores.

As we mentioned in the introduction to this list of pros and cons, only you can decide if leasing a used vehicle is right for you.

Similar to buying or leasing a CPO car SUV in Orlando, there are benefits and drawbacks to this approach. However, having options is always a good thing. If all else fails, at least you are now armed with the knowledge that leasing a used car is real possibility.

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